On September 25, 2015 The Afghan Women Organization celebrated 25 years of making a difference in the lives of the people it serves.

Please click the link below to watch full coverage of Afghan Women's Organization's 25th Anniversary, as well as Adeena Niazi (Executive Director) interview at the Gala.



Current Events 

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Past Events

EID Bazaar:

EID Bazaar is a very special and happy occasion for the Afghan Women’s Organization.  EID Bazaar attracted hundreds of families including youth and children from different cultural/ethnic backgrounds throughout the day. Diverse Community Members all came together in our bazaar to showcase their products and services to community for example;  find latest fashions of Hijabs, Women's Clothing, Beauty Supplies, Jewelry, Sandals, Henna Designs, Hair Designs, food and much more... 

With more than 300 families were attending, and it was the perfect opportunity for Afghan Women's Organization and other Community Members to advertise their services and products.


Mela-E-Samanak, Nowruz is a festival that commemorates the start of the Afghan New Year and marks the first day of spring. Every year, the Afghan Women’s Organization hosts a Samanak party for women to celebrate the ancient and cultural traditions of Nowruz.  At the party, women enjoy delicious afghan food alongside with dancing and music.  The main dish of the celebration is Samanak; which is a sweet pudding made of wheat germ that takes two weeks to prepare. The party is a very popular event in the community that attracts approximately fifteen hundred to two thousand women every year.

v  Samanak 2006 (7th of April)

§  Number of Attendants: 1800

v  Samanak 2007 (7th of April)

§  Number of Attendants: 2000

v  Samanak 2008 (23rd of March)

§  Number of Attendees:1800

v  Samanak 2009 (3rd of April)

§  Number of Attendees: 2200

v  Samanak 2010 (7th April)

§  Number of Attendees: 2000

  v Samanak 2011 (8th of April)

§ Number of Attendees: 1900 

        v  Samanak 2012 (30th of March)

§  Number of Attendees:  1900

        v  Samanak 2013 (22nd of March)

          §  Number of Attendees:  2500

     v  Samanak 2014 (14th of March)

          §  Number of Attendees:  1800


·         Mother’s Day Events/ Father’s Day Events

Mother’s day is a very special event for the Afghan Women’s Organization since it symbolizes strength, sacrifice and dedication.  Every year, the Afghan Women’s Organization celebrates mother’s day by holding a special event that recognizes mothers, motherhood and maternal bonds, as well as the positive contributions that they make to society. The event comprises of many activities such as poem reading, dancing, music and speeches dedicated to mothers. Also at the event, one woman is selected as ‘mother of the year’ from a pool of nominated candidates based on aher unique biography and special efforts.

v  Mother’ Day 2006 (13th of May)

§  Number of Attendants: 500

v  Mother’s Day 2008 (16th of May)

§  Number of Attendants: 500

v  Mother’s Day 2009 (9th May)

§  Number of Attendants: 250

v  Father’s Day 2008

§  Number of Attendants: 250